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Welcome to our Baby Boomer Lifestyle Community

For the last 10 years, we have been a Small Business Information Community, with "SmallBizDavid" taking on special projects.  Today we are excited  to present our "Small Business  Entreprenurial Marketing AND Sales  Community."                                                                                     


Our Dreaming With Entrepreneurs Community has two programs; Entrepreneurial Small Business Marketing AND Sales is described here.  Please visit https://www.DavidsBabyBoomerBootCamp.com and subscribe to its weekly newsletter also.


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David F "SmallBizDavid" Leopold

David has been an Entrepreneurial Small Business Owner for almost 50 years.  Most of his time has been spent with  100's of Small Businesses developing and executing  Marketing AND Sales projects.  In the '70's his expertise was Publishing; '80's Direct Marketing/Direct Mail; '90's Teleservices; 2000 went online for most his projects.  He has produced more than 1000 hours of YouTubes, with almost 3 million views.t@theSCOTTtreatment.com;

Dreaming with Entrepreneurs Community Advisory Board

Current Cyberspace Friends/Advisory Board Members, who themselves are all Small Business Experts include: Barbara Weltman (barbara@BarbaraWeltman.com) ; David Amerland (DavidAmerland@gmail.com) ;  Scott Scowcroft  (scott@theSCOTTtreatment.com;  Bill Vick (  bill@billvick.com);  Jim Shankle (jimshankle@gmail.com);  Chef Dennis Littley    (DennisLittley@gmail.com)  ;                Susan Finch ( susan@susanfinch.com) ;    Stan Bush                                                    (stan@salestrainingandnetworking.com) ; Zara Altair                                           (freedommarketing456@gmail.com) ; Jess Dewell ( jess@reddirection.com); Dustin Stout ( me@dustin.tv);  Scott Silverstein (ss@formsonline.com); Jim Shankle (jimshankle@gmail.com)

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Please join me in a journey that started 50 years ago.  I want to PUBLISH a book FOR BABY BOOMERS. I've been involved in TWO projects but I want this one to be my best!  David @DreamingWithEntrepreneurs.com. 513-696-6249                                         

AMBASSADOR MEMBERSHIPS are$99.99 and INCLUDES your chapter in "my LEGACY Story" and Celebration.

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 Please send $99.99  to Dreaming With Entrepreneurs,  1740 Sherman Avenue,  Suite One,  Cincinnati, OH 45212. OR you can paypal to David@DreamingWithEntrepreneurs.com.

PLEASE VISIT "David's Baby Boomer Boot Camp", -Senior exercise experiences created especially for yo

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